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On a vast territory of 1730 acres located in an ecologically clean region, a complex that combines three functionally interconnected zones of advanced computing technologies, modern work & study space and a comfortable recreation & living environment:








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The Data Center Park - the core of the ISTRADIGITAL Digital Cluster, is the largest digital hub in Russia:

  • The total area - 157.3 acres/ 62.2  ha

  • Power - 250 MW (expandable to 450 MW)

  • Number of racks - about 40,000



  • The Data Center technological site is connected to the main national traffic exchange point MMTS-9 via three independent FOCLs (from 96 fibers) providing carrier-natural connectivity

  • Three independent high-voltage (220 kV) connections to federal power grids connected to an onsite 220/20 kV power substation provides maximum fault tolerance coupled with various redundancy schemes (N + 1 / 2N / 2 (N + 1)), UPTIME Tier III / IV certificate

  • Engineering solutions of leading world manufacturers.


Services and Rates:


  • A wide range of services: Co-location and rack rental –25%, cloud services –75% (virtual servers, PaaS, SaaS, BaaS, DraaS, SecaaS)

  • Fully customizable rack / modular design (from 100 to more than 1000 rack configurations)

  • Competitive power prices for the services of the Data Center Park

  • Ideal conditions for international companies focused on a strategy of active growth in emerging markets: the status of a special economic zone provides clients and residents with preferential conditions for taxes and customs duties

  • Partnership on the Build-to-suit business model is possible (a turnkey solution for the customer’s data center)

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Data Center Building

Administrative Building

Electrical Substation




On an area of 97.4 acres/ 39.4 ha next to the Data Center Park there will be a Multifunctional complex, including:

  • Technopark:

    • Foresight Center

    • Cluster for the study and development of digital technology

    • Medical cluster

    • Co-working complex

    • Congress Center

    • Office of the management company

  • University campus

    • Educational classrooms, laboratories, lecture halls

    • Dormitories

  • Hotel and sports block

    • Sports cluster

    • Hotel complex with SPA-services

    • Recreation areas

The Foresight Research Center will bring together leading experts in industry and academia to solve for complex multi-disciplinary world challenges of today and tomorrow. The aspiration that would bring a new renaissance of technological development to Russia.


Along with the modern digital environment and office infrastructure, the Foresight Center will provide the most advanced and systematic way of ensuring general security, digital protection, patent and licensing examinations, and a platform for interfacing business relations and science.

Technopark Specialization:


  • Info-communication technologies, IoT

  • Artificial Intelligence, machine learning

  • Storage and data processing systems

  • Cloud computing and services

  • Hardware and software solutions and cybersecurity

  • Biotechnology and telemedicine

  • Near-Earth studies, atmospheric modelling, weather forecasting, climate modelling

  • Development and production of electronic component base, electronic equipment


In close association with the Technopark and the Foresight Center is the University campus of one of Russia's leading universities. The university campus contains educational space and all the necessary infrastructure for comfortable learning and student living.

The hotel and sports complex provides comfortable accommodation and relaxation for experts involved in the work of the Foresight Center, employees of Technopark, resident companies and customers of the Data Center Park services. The close relationship of science, education and business in a single territory will cultivate synergies and will contribute to the cultivation of IT innovations.




The agricultural cluster will be located on a 346  acre/140 ha land plot and include the following functional areas:

  • Land for cultivation of agricultural crops

  • Fisheries

  • Equestrian sports complex

  • Ice arena, shooting gallery

  • Communal and residential area

  • Recreation area

Russia has chosen the path of large-scale sustainable food production to improve the environmental impact of the agricultural sector, including sustainable development of rural areas.


The proximity of the agricultural cluster with a high-tech multifunctional complex will be a stimulus to create sustainable agricultural innovations using advance computing resources.


The equestrian complex of the Kremlin Riding School will combine the agricultural function with the function of sports and recreation.

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