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Between 2019 and 2024, Russia's first multifunctional technology center ISTRADIGITAL will be developed on the territory of the Istra district in the Moscow region, providing a wide range of modern services to its customers and residents.

The Istra district is situated in one of the most pristine ecological areas of the Moscow region providing unique natural features such as rivers, creeks and lakes in the surrounding area.

Located 16 km from the ISTRADIGITAL Digital Cluster, is one of the largest and most picturesque reservoirs in the Moscow Region - the Istra Reservoir.

Project Objectives:
•    Create an innovative high-tech complex with a diversified offering for business and residents
•    Set trends for the future development of data centers, innovative technology parks, as well as related infrastructure - tourism, sports and recreation
•    Create conditions for global technology leadership in Russia - national technology initiative
•    To provide the processes of digital transformation of the Russian economy with a reliable infrastructure for the collection, storage and processing of data, innovative technological solutions and developments, as well as highly qualified personnel
•    Create new high-tech jobs in the region


Strategic principles:
•    Implement the project on private investment without attracting federal government funding
•    Use the most innovative solutions and environmentally sound technologies
•    Involve influential and expert leaders from business communities and the scientific and educational environment to identify promising and leading-edge ideas to achieve actionable results
•    Make the project landmark for the region through the involvement of the best architectural and landscape firms
•    Open communication about the project in Russian and international media

ISTRADIGITAL complex is aimed at modern customers from any sectors of the economy who are interested in the digital transformation of their business, as well as scientific, educational and innovative organizations.

The economic impact of this project will bring a new level of innovation, expertise, and capital to the region and country; and will be a stimulus for further development and international partnerships in the interconnected global village we live in today.

Transport accessibility from Moscow:

Option 1: 1.5 hours by train from Riga Station, 12 min. by bus or 7 min. by car from the railway station "Rumyantsevo"
Option 2: 1.5 hours from the center of Moscow by car along Novorizhskoe a modern six-eight-lane highway (or along Volokolamsk highway) 


Special Economic Zone:

A special economic zone will be created on the territory of the ISTRADIGITAL Digital Cluster. The classification will provide the customers and residents with extensive tax and customs exemptions. These are ideal conditions for local start-up’s and international companies oriented on active grow strategy in emerging markets. This will allow our site to be a strategically competitive economic zone in the region.

The Company
The Partners


ISTRADIGITAL LLC is the initiator of the ISTRADIGITAL project.


We are a company with more than 20 years of experience in the field of construction / development and 15 years of experience in implementing energy projects in Russia and abroad


We have an extensive list of successfully completed large development projects as well as energy infrastructure facilities.

Our strategy allows us to offer flexible build-to-suit solutions for our key partners. We are also open to exploring different types of transaction and have high capacity on site for growth and expansion plans. 

ISRADIGITAL LLC is the legal owner of the land plots on which the ISTRADIGITAL project is being implemented. 


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